About Laajim

Laajim is multi-tenant ecommerce platform which give local business owners the capability to continue the operation of their business in an environment which restricts their customers from physically entering their facility.  The solution provides local business owners with the following capabilities:

    • - A robust facility that provides business owners with a distinctly branded customer web-presence / mobile application
    • - Customizable ecommerce (web & mobile) solution for business owners
    • - Sell and promote unlimited number of products
    • - Service customers within a select location based on delivery capability
    • - Integrated mobile applications to include: Customer Facing | Delivery | Store/Shop Management
    • - Integrated payment processing | Accounting | Inventory Management
    • - Integrated product / service delivery platform – targeted to a specific location
    • - Manage sale and delivery of products within their targeted location

The Laajim solution provides store owners with the following capabilities:

    • - Store Owner Dashboard: Inventory Management | Payment Management | Order Management | Customer Management | Delivery Management
    • - Robust Customer Facing Mobile Application / Web-Presence :  Your customers within your local service area are able to order your products and have these ordered products delivered to their locale using your delivery resources. Store owners can add a delivery up-charge or provide this service free of charge. Your customers have the ability to take advantage of your coupons / vouchers and track their orders and make payments using Laajim's integrated order management and delivery solution.
    • - Delivery Agent Dashboard: Delivery Management | Payment Management | Order Management